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I finished last week (Thursday evening) on a bit of a downer with a poor service. 2 days break, a sunny trip to Lille (to look after my wife’s mum who has broken her ankle) and a calm Sunday service have all lead to me feeling much more positive about myself in the kitchen and in this job in general. We only did around 30 covers this lunch time, of which approx. half were for me (Scallops, Sole Meunières, Cod, Sea Bream, Salmon, Cêpes). So not much work, and certainly no “coup de feu”. But I took pleasure in getting my fish “right”…nicely cooked, well presented….I just need to work on my beurre meunière. I also got through most of the things on my “prep” list this morning.

My main aim every day is to go quicker…..that’s all. I obviously want to get my “cuisson” correct, but I’m pretty confident on this point.

Anyway, my wife is chilling out on the sofa next to me and I’m going to sign off to spend some time with her…..she looks so terribly inviting !!!

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