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As per usual, let’s start with the photo….


Whilst noting down ideas for my up coming “Dom for One Night Only” tasting menu at “Zoé Bouillon” in the 19th, I hit upon the idea of using wafer-thin apple slices, dried out in the oven (100°C for 1 hour after having left them soaking in a syrup over night), as a basis for a “millefeuille” with some kind of crab filling.

So, here you have the first attempt. So, how was it ?…..ok…..I still like the idea, and the little salad decoration, but overall it was a “taste” disappointment. Poor quality products (I just fancied trying it out, and so didn’t wait to buy good, fresh crab, and instead used tinned stuff from Vietnam !!!!) = poor flavour = have a bit more patience next time and buy some decent fresh crab.

The success for me were the apple “chips”. Very easy to do (as long as you’ve got a mandolin), and a nice effect. With the creamy filling, each crispy apple slice softens slightly, but in fact this makes it easier to eat.

For info, the crab was mixed with shallot, chervil, garlic, mayo, cream, chilli, lemon and tarragon.

I’ll let you know how it turns out when I get some decent crab.

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  1. Alors ça…… C’est à tomber par terre!!!!!!
    Vraiment SUPER bon! Le petit sucre-salé, une explosion de goût en bouche, rien que d’y penser me fait saliver ( alors que je sors de table.. )
    Bravo Chef
    A quand la prochaine??!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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