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So there we have it, 8 months of studying in a French school of cookery for the entry level cookery diploma…..and today at 19h50 french time I finished cleaning M. Baucheron’s (one of our teachers) kitchen for the last time.

Today we had our practical exam where we had to prepare 2 dishes in 4 hours –

  • sole fillets poached in fish stock and white wine (which was then reduced into a wine sauce) with a julienne of vegetables, boiled potatoes and puff-pastry crescents.
  • black forest gateaux
  • It was certainly a much more stressfull exam that the one that we had in February, and at the end we were all rushing trying to get the different items ready and dressed in time. Anyway, in the end the different chefs (because we have 4 chefs from Parisian restaurants who come to evaluate us) congratulated us on what we had done.

    So, without knowing the final mark yet, I feel pretty confident that I’ve at least passed – I’ll find out by mid-July for the official mark.

    In any case, that’s the end of the 1st step. I now move into my 11 months sabbatical during which time I will be doing temp work in Paris until July, working in Newcastle upon Tyne (England) for 3 months and then back in Paris for who knows what.

    Just before closing the door on this 1st exceptional chapter, I’d like to show you a brief film of my fellow students, where they explain what they plan to do during the next 12 months. Unfortunately it’s in French, but tant pis….va falloir apprendre un peu de Français, alors !!!!

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