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London Calling – British Cuisine / French Cuisine….spot the difference

First of all, 1 week without a single post….I can only apologise to my faithful following in France, Switzerland, the UK, the US all the way thru to China ! It’s not that I’ve been particularly busy – simply no juice for writing. Don’t know why. Having said that, I have been pretty busy during […]

Day 4 (5) at “La Fontaine”….’cereal’ blogger

Alors, on est tous à la fin de la première semaine de nos stages respectifs – en ce qui me concerne, tout va bien pour l’instant…..et j’ai même pu profiter d’un jour férié (jeudi) qui était glorieux…je n’ai jamais profité autant d’un jour férié quand j’étais chez Capgemini….là, jeudi, mes mains étaient fatiguées et j’avais […]

Game On !!!

So, I finally got my hands on my knives today….ok, it was only so that I could cut up some veg, but hey, I can honestly say that I was absolutely delighted at the end of the session (5 hrs)…..carrots maçédoine (biggish cubes), jardinère (batons), “ciseler” (cut in fine little cubes, whilst leaving the root […]