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Just a quick note for those of you who are not already aware of what I have been preparing these last few weeks. I’ve managed to persuade a local organic café (l’Echappée) to let me take over the place for a day and a half preparing for one service during the evening on Saturday 20th December.

I have 50 reservations (a mixture of friends, colleagues and even some of you from the “blog” world) ranging from 7pm and 9.30pm, so I’ll be in the kitchen for a good 5 hour service. The idea is to give myself the chance to do my own menu in a professional environment – as if I had my own place, but without the hassle.

During the evening there will be music that I have selected, with the help of my neighbours Fred and Chloé. There will also be some photos from my blog on display, as well as one or 2 photos of chefs that have influenced me.

As for the menu, a mix of influences from France, Italy, south east Asia and, of course, back home. I’ll leave you to spot the geographic influences in the various dishes…..

There’ll be a set menu of 4 or 6 courses for everyone and you will only pay the cost price for the food (including cost of paying staff)…so damn cheap (19€ 4 courses, 24€ 6 courses). The menu is

Amuse Bouche (anchovy and olive stuffed gnocchi topped with confit tomato purée, and spoon filled with basil and roasted tomato chantilly with Pata Negra ham)

Cauliflower velouté with nut and apple garnish

Salmon « chaud-froid »
(cold salt cured salmon with citrus fruit, hot salmon nem with coriander) with winter salad and orange vinaigrette

Butternut Squash Risotto with roasted Scallop and Nuoc Mäm espuma

Pigeon thigh confit and breast stuffed with Fois Gras, dates
and winter roots

Goats Cheese on roasted beetroot with salad and beetroot vinaigrette

« Bread and Butter Pudding »,
yoghurt with 4 spice clementines

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