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OK, to welcome in 2010, here’s the idea – instead of me simply publishing another recipie, I wanted to create a bit more of a link with those people who read my blog from time to time.

On a regular basis, I will challenge you to come up with an amazing recipie from a list of 3 seasonal products. Here’s how it works…..

I publish the challenge on my blog, listing the 3 products that are to be used

You then have to create and produce your fantastic recipie. You take some photos, publish it on your blog (if you have one) and you send me the link. You have 1 week from the date of me publishing the challenge to do this.

I publish the list of recipies that I receive with the links to the various blog / facebook / other pages and ask people to vote (using a form that I will set up on my blog)

One week later I will announce the winner

Why ? Well, I’m just curious to see what other chefs create with the same main ingredients that I use in one of my recipies. At worst you will have another link to your blog from chefsdiary, which will help your stats a little bit.

For my first challenge the 3 key products which should feature in your recipie are Oyster, Chestnut and Beetroot. You can use any other product, and you can present them in any form that you like….but the 3 products should be clearly present.

Go on, give it a go. I’m curious to see if anyone raises to the challenge…….I’ll publish my recipie in the next few days……

Until the next post, here’s to a great 2010 !!

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