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OK, so it’s started….now it’s down to business. My first day at “La Fontaine Gaillon” has started, 9 til 6pm. The team is good, professional, with most of them having worked together for a number of years having followed the chef, Laurent Audiot, from his previous 1 Michelin star restaurant. I’ll review my experience at the end of the 2 weeks. However, briefly, what did I do today ?

* arrived 9am : met team, met the “Garde Manger” who I’ll be following this week.
* 9-11am : made mayonnaise, prepared tartare sauce, chopped v. finely (“ciselé”) onions (for tartare, vinegar for oysters, for the mussels…..), peeled some green asparagus, cut grapefruit slices, met Gérard Dépardieu (who is a co-owner of the restaurant)….he was perfectly normal and was interested by the fact that an englishman was wanting to stop being a consultant to do a CAP Cuisine and then open a restaurant…
* 11-11h30 : “lunch” with the team
* 11h30 – 14h30 : service. 50 covers
* 14h30 – 18h : prepared 3 crates of camus artichokes, 105 crayfish raviolli, deboned and battered 10 whitings / “merlans”, 30 crayfish nems.

During all of this time, there was of course almost constant cleaning and tidying of our “position” / table.

A good day.

Got home and filleted 3 mackrels !

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