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So there we have it, 2 weeks on the CAP Cuisine course and tonight I’ve lost the “buzz”. I think that it’s normal since there’s a bit of fatigue, it has to be said that the dishes that we are preparing aren’t the best in the world (moules marinière, roast chicken, chips tonight, yesterday steak béarnaise and choux pastry with crème chantilly), and just to add to it, we’re in the middle of a tense period for my wife and I.

I went to see the owner of one of the restaurants where I will be working (“Le Zephyr” part-time Monday 9-2pm, Saturday all day) and so as of next Monday I’ll be in the real kitchen cooking (well chopping and preparing cold stuff).

I should be energised, but it ain’t there – I’m worried about what all of this will mean for my family and the couple.

Bon weekend !

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