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So there we have it for another year, the end of the 22 days of birthdays in our house (me the 20th April, Noé 28th April and today my wife)…..and quite frankly, we kept the best for last !!

Yesterday at 18hrs I was a worried man – just coming to the end of Noé’s birthday party (delayed by 2 weeks) and I still had nothing planned for my wife’s birthday the following day. However, it has to be said that on the present-front I am a lucky man (not just on the present-front either I hasten to add !!!) because my wife genuinely loves flowers…..and so it was that 1 hour (and a visit to the florist) later, I had a magnificent present waiting to be sneaked up from the basement and into the flat at 5 in the morning when the said birthday girl is fast asleep !

(apologies for the quality of the next 2 photos, even if I actually rather like the effect on the 1st one 😉 )

flowers for mon amour

All that was required was a home-made birthday card to prepare and a couple of post-it notes (for each of the 2 small flowers that I had bought as separate “presents” to be discovered) to write.

flowers for mon amour in glorious technicolour

The end result today was a delighted wife, me relieved and Paris bathed in glorious sun….and so a good excuse for a birthday picnic at the parc des Buttes Chaumont in the 19th in Paris, with friends Géraldine, Christophe (and their 2 kids, Emile and Anouk) and Estelle.

picnic with mates

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