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After a good day in 2 different kitchens I’d be tempted to say that this project of career reconversion is starting to take shape.

First day in a real kitchen in a real restaurant….okay, cutting very real vegetables, but I felt good, not totally awkward and most certainly not out of place. This was my first morning at “Le Zephyr”, working with the very friendly kitchen team – sous-chef Vincent and trainee Sandrine. Worked a variety of products, including kidneys which I’ve never worked with before. All basic stuff, but just a question of getting my bearings, checking out where the washbasin is, where the knives are, where the veg is prepared, starting to get to know a few of the starters and desserts.

Then, in the afternoon (14h30 – 19h30) it was back to school for a very good practical session in the kitchen with M. Baucheron. On the menu, Macédoine Mayonnaise (ensalada russe / russian salad) and Blanquette de Veau with Créole Rice (ordinary plain rice finished off in the oven with butter). We had plenty to get through and went at it at a good pace – with the result that it felt briefly almost like being at the hotplate in a busy restaurant.

Tonight Olivier (one of the lads from the course) created our Forum “http://greta2007.forumpro.fr”. Go and have look, if your french is up to scratch !

There’s a good feeling in our group – we’re all motivated, we work hard….the telling moment will be after the first 2 weeks in our respective restaurants.

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