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En s’appuyant sur un modèle vertueux de polyculture, la Ferme du Moulin regroupe 5 associés et compte environ 120 ha de terres entièrement cultivées en agriculture biologique et une grande diversité de production : élevage d’agneaux solognots (race en voie de conservation) et de vaches jersiaises, produits laitiers de brebis, porcs en plein air de race Longué bayeux, pain au levain issu du blé de la ferme (variétés anciennes et panifiables) et la culture de myrtilles.
Leur production est vendue en direct, sur les marchés de Nantes et d’Angers, dans les magasins de producteurs et à travers les AMAPS.

Here’s the “recipie” for what I made for lunch today for my family and a friend and her 2 kids….a little risotto (always popular with the kids) finished off with a purée of jersualem artichoke (that’s been in the fridge for a few days !!), accompanied by fresh scallops on a bed of leek braised in wine and a few slices of sautéed squid. The dish was “dressed up” with a couple of cubes of a smoked herring jelly, a clementine powder and a bit of balsamic reduction.

I must confess – though it’s pretty obvious from the mixture of things in the plate – that this dish is the result of using up things that have been in the fridge / cupboard for a wee while (except for the scallops and squid, which I bought yesterday……it’s really the good time to be buying these 2 products)…..but none the less, the overall result was very good….particularly the smoked herring jelly with the clementine powder.

So, time for the photos…..with a little explanation of each one when necessary

jerusalem artichoke risotto with seafood 6

Smoked Herring Jelly with Clementine Powder

These 2 ideas come direct from the “Chateaubriand” kitchen where I spent 5 fantastic days last week. They make a jelly with another bouillon but keep the smoked herring clear stock for a delicious soup….I took the 2 ideas and put them together.

jerusalem artichoke risotto with seafood 4

….as for the clementine powder, the technique is pretty simple – though a bit time consuming ! You peel the clementine and then cut out the white interior of the rind leaving just the zest. You could just scrape the clementines with a zester, but the skin (being much more fragile than that of orange or lemon) tends to split and break…..and anyway, you don’t get a great deal of zest (at least for making a powder) with a zester. Once the zest gathered, all needs to be placed in an oven at 80-100°C to dry slowly (takes between 1hr and 1h30)….until the pieces break like crisps. The resultat “crisps” are then pulverised in a mixer. The result is a fantastically pungeant, though rather bitter / sweet, powder….to be used carefully.

jerusalem artichoke risotto with seafood 1

jerusalem artichoke risotto with seafood 2

Clementine Powder and Fennel Seed Salt

Great with fish, a quick “gastro” salt made with fennel seed ground up mixed with “fleur de sel”….magnificent…..

jerusalem artichoke risotto with seafood 3

So, there you have it. Enjoy.

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