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Stumbled across an article (in a German publication Deutsche Welle, 15/11/07) which stated that Germany has just had another 3 restaurants awarded 3 Michelin stars to take it up to 9 3-star restaurants in total. This made me wonder where the various countries are in this gastronomic league table. So, starting from the top,

1) France 26 3-Star restaurants
2) Germany 9
3) Spain & Portugal each have 6
4) Italy 5
5) UK 3
6) Switzerland & Belgium each have 2

Crikey….I thought that the Brits were a bit further up the table than that ! Looks like we’ve still got some work to do. Whereas German cuisine, that I know nothing about at all, is clearly the new leader amongst the “also-rans”….I clearly need to check out what’s going on over there.

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