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Stumbled across an article in the Financial Times (20/11/07) which talks briefly about the new Michelin guide for Tokyo – the first time Michelin produce a guide in Asia. In my last article concerning Michelin stars I was talking about the European League table. Well, here it’s more a question of metropolitan urban centre league table…..So for the top 4 (in terms of number of restaurants with 3 stars) metropolitan centres in the world

1) Paris 10
2) Tokyo 8
3) New York 3
4) London 1 (with 2 others just outside)

In addition to all of this, Tokyo seemingly has been awarded the most Michelin stars than any other city in the world….with a total of 191 stars (Paris – 64, New York – 42). Pretty impressive for the first guide (and nothing for Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in Tokyo, by the way).

However, the most impressive figure of all is the number of restaurants in each of these metropolitan centres…and particularly Tokyo.

1) Tokyo 120000 restaurants !!!
2) New York 23000+
3) Paris 20000+

So, with approx. 6 times more restaurants than either Paris or New York, maybe 3 times more Michelin stars is no surprise after all ?

As a foot note, the latest Chef league table shows Gordon Ramsay (11 – if the Connaught is not included, since it has closed for refurbishment) relegated to 3rd place, behind Joël Robuchon (17) and Alain Ducasse (15).

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