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Tomorrow being my last day at work before switching “codes”, I’m starting to get myself into the frame of mind of next week.

Went to get my knives, spoons, scissors, whisk, etc….today at “Lejeune’s” at Asnières…an anonymous industrial estate…a bit like the place where I learnt to drive back in Newcastle ! As I walked out of the shop, carrying in one hand my briefcase with my portable pc inside (my consultant tools), and in the other, my knife case…..the 2 trades, one alongside the other….a bit odd, but a good feeling.

I wrote my “farewell” email today at work – 6 years with the same employer…something that I’ve never done, and I’ve only got good things to say about Cap, in fairness to them. I’ve been challenged every year for 6 years..let’s see,

+ yr 1 : Jade arrives, struggling with French, tough project with crappy team at Aventis
+ yr 2 : Noé arrives, good first mission with Bruno and Antoine (who sadly killed himself this year), disaster with Carrefour, meet the Holos team, start running seriously (1h26 for 20k)
+yr 3 : MicroStrategy at Carrefour, team leader at EDF (work my cock off), Paris Marathon (3h40, bolloxed up due to 3 wks solid work and no training before the marathon!), married my lovely wife
+ yr 4 : France Telecom team leading again, back to EDF and then off to BMS to begin my Pharmaceutical period…also did the 3 day Gastronomy Cookery at Grégoire Ferrandi
+ yr 5 : whole year at BMS, working my bollox off, team leading / project leading…good stuff, 1000€ bonus, start my “high level consulting” career with mission at Société Générale
+ yr 6 : high level consulting and business development year, trying to get MicroStrategy business going and seemingly starting to succeed, successful 3 months consulting for NOB-BI…..and now starting my training, and more importantly starting a new, challenging and personally much more satisfying career – I hope….in fact, I’m keeping Darren in mind who also made a break for it (in his case into the publishing world) out of the IT comfort zone, and now he’s in a senior position after a year or 2 of making it work….good on the lad. I’m also keeping Monique in mind, she who did last year what I am starting this year (even went to the same Restaurant for her practical placement)…she’s off on her own adventure, trying to get her own place set up…..a very interesting 2 years ahead of us both, I think.

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