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I’m tired after my first day back in a professional kitchen, and so I’m going to write in English (bit of a rarity these days). Today and tomorrow I’m in the “Kong” kitchen, and then from Tuesday ’til Saturday the “Chateaubriand” kitchen…..and the verdict…?….It’s great to be back !!!!!

The trick is “organisation”..I know that I can cook, but I’ve got a lot to learn on the organisation front.

Anyway, onto the recipie……well ok, I own up……the ingredients are pretty much exactly the same as what I did on Saturday, but hey, any good chef has to know how to reuse left over ingredients to do something else. Getting back from work for my afternoon break (before plunging back into an evening service of 150+ customers) I saw that my fantastic baby squid were going to be less fantastic if they were not eaten today…..so, looking around to see what else I could add to the salad leaves, squid and ponzu that I had from saturday I saw some fruit and a bit of japanese noodles – the somen.

In the photo you see most of the ingredients, including the espuma gun which had the coconut milk, saffron and ponzu chantilly in it (and it was much better today than yesterday….which was normal because it had had time to chill out properly)…..

calamars pates somen kiwi orange 4

The baby squid marinated in the ponzu / sesame oil and coriander mix…..

calamars pates somen kiwi orange 5

The japanese Somen noodles cook in about 90 seconds and are beautifully delicate…….

calamars pates somen kiwi orange 6

Just to show you what goes into this particular brand of Ponzu “Pon”…..seemingly there are several different conconctions which carry the name “ponzu”….at the restaurant Kong we have our own recipie…..so here’s the packaged ready-made version…….

calamars pates somen kiwi orange 7

To “spice up” the noodles a wee bit I did a brunoise of kiwi, orange and shallot. The noodles were cooked and then chilled. I mixed in the vinaigrette to keep the noodles moist, but added a splash of soy sauce to give it more edge. The salad leaves (chard and roquette) were also mixed with the vinaigrette.

calamars pates somen kiwi orange 8

And so how did my impromptu afternoon break meal turn out ? I thoroughly enjoyed it, though I was in a bit of a hurry. Here’s a few photos of the final plate…..

calamars pates somen kiwi orange 1

calamars pates somen kiwi orange 2

calamars pates somen kiwi orange 3

Give it a go and let me know what you reckon…..ohh, by the way, for buying the different Asian products I went to “Kioko” in Paris….take a look at my google map with the various addresses on for asian products

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