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En s’appuyant sur un modèle vertueux de polyculture, la Ferme du Moulin regroupe 5 associés et compte environ 120 ha de terres entièrement cultivées en agriculture biologique et une grande diversité de production : élevage d’agneaux solognots (race en voie de conservation) et de vaches jersiaises, produits laitiers de brebis, porcs en plein air de race Longué bayeux, pain au levain issu du blé de la ferme (variétés anciennes et panifiables) et la culture de myrtilles.
Leur production est vendue en direct, sur les marchés de Nantes et d’Angers, dans les magasins de producteurs et à travers les AMAPS.

It’s been quite some time since I last wrote, and to be honest I really don’t have the “juice” to tell my story at the moment. But just to bring you all up to date with where I’m at and where I’m going, here’s a quick update.

On the work front I’m doing 3 or 4 days a week at a franco-japanese restaurant in the heart of Paris – very trendy, decent food, loads of customers (150+ per service) and I’m doing the fish. The main thing that I’m learning is how to go quicker (more on that in another post), but there’s also some new products (Black Cod, various seaweeds, japanese-style vinaigrettes and sauces) and, it has to be said, a good team of experienced chefs who have been very helpful and supportive (“cheers, lads”).

To complete this steady flow of work I’ve done some temp work for Adecco Prestige, as well as working in a small café / bistro next to Science Po in Paris, running an afternoon training course about cooking fish and even working in a fishmonger’s shop !

Up until now I haven’t fancied doing another “Dom for One Night Only” menu in a local restaurant,….that said, I’ve started today thinking about a theme for a new menu (something concerning fish)….I already know where it will be (Zoé Bouillon in the 19th), and maybe even with whom I might share the cooking.

Basically, I’m doing lots of different stuff, which is great in general, but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for, as Bono would say. I’m pleased with the fishmonger stuff, and I know that whatever I do in future will involve fish. But I’m also most probably going to go back to capgemini at the end of April (April 27th to be exact) so that I can get back to earning decent money and put some of it aside to help us to buy a house. I think that it is important to spend even a short time back in my old job to see really where I’m at. I “feel” 100% sure that I’m made to cook, to work with beautiful food and products, and to welcome and look after people. But before I throw myself totally into this, I need to focus a bit on the overall family project of buying a house.

So, 9 weeks before I come to the end of this current phase in my cooking apprenticeship….let’s make it an interesting time with as many experiences as possible !

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  1. Bonjour,
    Tu as donc pris ta décision, retourner chez CAP GEMINI… Dure décision probablement mais le métier de cuisinier a de telles contraintes sur une vie familiale… Tiens moi au courant de la date du prochain “Dom for One Night Only” car je viendrais avec plaisir.
    Aline, CAP de cuisinier qui a aussi repris son travail initial…

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