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A bit like the famous Bill Shankley quote “Football isn’t a question of life or death – it’s more important than that”, cooking being more important than life came out of a great New York Times article about Gordon Ramsay.

Marco Pierre White was the reason why Gordon Ramsay is the 3 star chef that he is today – saying to himself when he met Marco in the late 80’s, “There’s Jesus” !

Fantastic stuff….

So, if it interests you, here’s the article in full – not a bad insight – http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2007/04/02/070402fa_fact_buford

Before my course starts (2 wks and counting) I’m allowing myself the luxury of reading articles about cooks and food – looking for inspiration, motivation, knowledge, references. If there’s a nagging worry for me it’s only my temperament (quand même, un point assez important !) – I can be pretty touchy (Daz / Steve / Brian, no comments thank you !) and that simply won’t do in the kitchen. But at the moment I can feel a burning desire inside me – I’m sure that I’ve found the activity (I can’t call it a job) in which I can lose myself, let go, go with the flow…..the next feew months will tell me….between now and New Year I’ll have 42 days at school and 18 in the restaurant.

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