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La fin de l’année 2007 – chefs diary…….le bilan

alors….ça y est, dimanche 30 décembre, 01h55 et c’est la fin de l’année où j’ai pris mes premiers pas dans le monde de cuisine professionnelle – la transformation de consultant en cuisinier est loin d’être arrivée à la fin du cycle, mais, à la fin de ces premiers 3 mois (le 8 octobre me semble […]

Paris restaurants during the festive period……

This week I started my 2nd period of training in La Fontaine Gaillon kitchen – Wednesday to today (Friday) to be more exact. I was a bit apprehensive on Wednesday morning whilst going to work, but in the end, I picked up pretty much where I left off over 6 weeks ago. The team hasn’t […]

London Calling – British Cuisine / French Cuisine….spot the difference

First of all, 1 week without a single post….I can only apologise to my faithful following in France, Switzerland, the UK, the US all the way thru to China ! It’s not that I’ve been particularly busy – simply no juice for writing. Don’t know why. Having said that, I have been pretty busy during […]

La vie d’un chef apprenti anglais en France – je commence à m’y habituer

Cette semaine nous sommes tous rentrés à l’école pour reprendre le rythme scolaire – beaucoup plus doux, c’est clair, que mes 2 semaines de travail à La Fontaine et au Zephyr. Par contre, je commence à trouver une certaine calme au fourneau à l’école (….parce que soyons clair, je ne suis que très rarement au […]

Day in the life of an English trainee chef in a french kitchen…..

So, I’m at the end of my 2 week period at La Fontaine Gaillon and wow, what a rollercoaster of emotion ! I’ve been buzzing with excitement, exhausted, aching hands (my right hand is still tingling, quite literally), slightly demoralised, and now quitely confident and content. In my last post I talked about the need […]

Around the world in 13 days….

This blog has been up and running and accessible for 13 days, and in that time I have had 60 different visitors from 9 different countries (France, Switzerland, Sweden being the top sources, with sporadic interest coming from the USA, Canada, NZ, Portugal, UK, Belgium). I think that a number of you have not spent […]

Into the meat of things….

I think that I am at a moment where I should start to master the basics and have some real cuisine knowledge – Saturday’s session at Le Zephyr was somewhat difficult for me….not too much work – quite the opposite and for me it was an opportunity missed to get a bit of experience at […]

Day 4 (5) at “La Fontaine”….’cereal’ blogger

Alors, on est tous à la fin de la première semaine de nos stages respectifs – en ce qui me concerne, tout va bien pour l’instant…..et j’ai même pu profiter d’un jour férié (jeudi) qui était glorieux…je n’ai jamais profité autant d’un jour férié quand j’étais chez Capgemini….là, jeudi, mes mains étaient fatiguées et j’avais […]

Day 3 at “La Fontaine”….frustration sets in

So finally the moment arrives where I’m silently cutting vegetables (in this case, it was my 6th case of camus artichokes…that’s the big, bulbous ones rather than the small poivrades) in the kitchen and I’m quietly thinking to myself that I’d much rather be working with the 20 fresh whiting (merlan) that the guy next […]