Week 10 de CAP Cuisine – doutes, succés, doutes, succés….anniversaire ;-)

D’abord……vous me manquez….enfait, je dis “vous”, mais je ne sais pas qui vous êtes. En tout cas, “mes pages” ont du mal à évoluer / avancer, mais j’y pense souvent……tout simplement, je n’arrive pas a trouver le temps en ce moment. Alors, cette semaine était à l’image de moi – c’est à dire, ça commençait […]

Setting up a restaurant….let the discussions begin

Last night my wife and I had our first “serious” discussion about the impending reality of setting up a restaurant in 3 years time. We lay have been talking about this “project” for approx. 2 years, but seemingly it wasn’t serious in my wife’s mind until only a few weeks ago. She clearly has been […]

The restaurant industry, Jean-Pierre Coffe and its bad press…..

just a brief word concerning the overall image of the restaurant industry, or more exactly, the life of a chef & restaurant owner. When I started on my career conversion “thing” over 2 years ago, I decided that I should start by asking people what they thought of changing from being a Senior IT Consultant […]

La vie d’un chef apprenti anglais en France – je commence à m’y habituer

Cette semaine nous sommes tous rentrés à l’école pour reprendre le rythme scolaire – beaucoup plus doux, c’est clair, que mes 2 semaines de travail à La Fontaine et au Zephyr. Par contre, je commence à trouver une certaine calme au fourneau à l’école (….parce que soyons clair, je ne suis que très rarement au […]

the big bang !

“Welcome to the Pleasuredome”, as Frankie goes to Hollywood sang back at the end of the eighties. Well I had my big day – 6 hours in the morning/midday shift, and 7 this evening….140 customers in total. I’m too tired to write any more, so I’ll simply copy the contents of a mail (in French) […]

the exponential curve effect…..

Before the CAP Cuisine started I would talk about the unknown impact that being in a “foody” environment would have on what I would be capable of doing…..I imagined that certain things that seemed impossible / unattainable, or even that I would not have thought about, would suddenly become possible purely because I would find […]

end of week 2….on a downer

So there we have it, 2 weeks on the CAP Cuisine course and tonight I’ve lost the “buzz”. I think that it’s normal since there’s a bit of fatigue, it has to be said that the dishes that we are preparing aren’t the best in the world (moules marinière, roast chicken, chips tonight, yesterday steak […]