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2ème partie : Dom “For One Night Only” chez Zoé….l’avis du chef

Ca fait presque 2 semaines depuis notre soirée chez Zoé Bouillon et je dors bien depuis seulement 2 jours. Depuis le 5 juillet mes pensées (et donc mes nuits) sont remplies des réflexions sur ma vie de consultant, ma vie en cuisine et ma famille. Cette soirée m’a fait beaucoup réfléchir, j’ai parlé sans cesse […]

béarnaises ratées, mayonnaise tombée mais w/end à Londres se concrétise….

OK, la fin de ma première semaine de la 3ème période de formation en entreprise (c’est à dire, la période où je travaille à la Fontaine), et ce n’était pas terrible ! Je dirais que cette semaine s’est caracterisée par ma difficulté (toujours) d’intégrer l’équipe / la brigade et de trouver ma place besoin de […]

Mes livres de cuisine et des nouveaux pour 2008….

Quelquechose qui accompagne étroitement ma passion pour la cuisine est celle des livres de cuisine. L’un de mes magasins préférés à Paris est la Librairie Gourmande, où je pourrais tranquillement passer plusieurs heures à “déguster” leur produits ! A vrai dire, vu que souvent le prix des bouquins de cuisine est tellement élevé, je m’empêche […]

London Calling – British Cuisine / French Cuisine….spot the difference

First of all, 1 week without a single post….I can only apologise to my faithful following in France, Switzerland, the UK, the US all the way thru to China ! It’s not that I’ve been particularly busy – simply no juice for writing. Don’t know why. Having said that, I have been pretty busy during […]

Michelin Guide – first Tokyo guide

Stumbled across an article in the Financial Times (20/11/07) which talks briefly about the new Michelin guide for Tokyo – the first time Michelin produce a guide in Asia. In my last article concerning Michelin stars I was talking about the European League table. Well, here it’s more a question of metropolitan urban centre league […]

The restaurant industry, Jean-Pierre Coffe and its bad press…..

just a brief word concerning the overall image of the restaurant industry, or more exactly, the life of a chef & restaurant owner. When I started on my career conversion “thing” over 2 years ago, I decided that I should start by asking people what they thought of changing from being a Senior IT Consultant […]

a good day at the office ;-)

Wednesday Week 2 of my cookery diploma, it started with a 4 and a half hour class at 8am, and was thus looking a bit tricky ! However, between Mr Faverol and the rest of us, we managed to get pretty animated by the history of cookery, development of products and techniques in the 19 […]

Game On !!!

So, I finally got my hands on my knives today….ok, it was only so that I could cut up some veg, but hey, I can honestly say that I was absolutely delighted at the end of the session (5 hrs)…..carrots maçédoine (biggish cubes), jardinère (batons), “ciseler” (cut in fine little cubes, whilst leaving the root […]

“There’s Jesus…..”

A bit like the famous Bill Shankley quote “Football isn’t a question of life or death – it’s more important than that”, cooking being more important than life came out of a great New York Times article about Gordon Ramsay. Marco Pierre White was the reason why Gordon Ramsay is the 3 star chef that […]