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Recommendation de bouquin de cuisine / Cookery Book recommendation…..

Un petit mot pour vous recommander un livre que nous utilisons pour nos travaux pratiques. C’est la référence pour notre CAP Cuisine, et tout franchement, c’est bourré de photos et toutes les gestes dont vous aurez besoin. Si vous voulez voir la base de ce que l’on fait dans une cuisine professionnelle, ce livre serait […]

CAP Cuisine – What is it and what do we do ?

I wanted to give those who are interested a summary of what a French Cookery Diploma (the CAP Cuisine, similar to an NVQ in the UK) is all about – specifically for those English speaking people who love cooking and fancy knowing exactly what all French chefs learn when they first start cooking. Clearly this […]

CAP Cuisine – qu’est-ce que l’on y fait ?

Déjà, je vais écrire cet article en anglais et français / For starters, I’ll be writing this article in English and French. For the English version, click here Je voudrais partager avec ceux qui sont intéressés une synthèse de notre CAP de Cuisine afin de vous donner une idée concrète de ce que c’est un […]

La vie d’un chef apprenti anglais en France – je commence à m’y habituer

Cette semaine nous sommes tous rentrés à l’école pour reprendre le rythme scolaire – beaucoup plus doux, c’est clair, que mes 2 semaines de travail à La Fontaine et au Zephyr. Par contre, je commence à trouver une certaine calme au fourneau à l’école (….parce que soyons clair, je ne suis que très rarement au […]

Slow Food, Bacteria and Blogs…

…..not all at the same time, though, of course ! Slow Food as a concept is something that has interested me (from afar, I hasten to add, since I have never actively participated at any actual event and I am not, as of yet, a paying card member) for quite some time. Why ? Well, […]

It’s starting to take shape

After a good day in 2 different kitchens I’d be tempted to say that this project of career reconversion is starting to take shape. First day in a real kitchen in a real restaurant….okay, cutting very real vegetables, but I felt good, not totally awkward and most certainly not out of place. This was my […]

end of week 2….on a downer

So there we have it, 2 weeks on the CAP Cuisine course and tonight I’ve lost the “buzz”. I think that it’s normal since there’s a bit of fatigue, it has to be said that the dishes that we are preparing aren’t the best in the world (moules marinière, roast chicken, chips tonight, yesterday steak […]

a good day at the office ;-)

Wednesday Week 2 of my cookery diploma, it started with a 4 and a half hour class at 8am, and was thus looking a bit tricky ! However, between Mr Faverol and the rest of us, we managed to get pretty animated by the history of cookery, development of products and techniques in the 19 […]

Game On !!!

So, I finally got my hands on my knives today….ok, it was only so that I could cut up some veg, but hey, I can honestly say that I was absolutely delighted at the end of the session (5 hrs)…..carrots maçédoine (biggish cubes), jardinère (batons), “ciseler” (cut in fine little cubes, whilst leaving the root […]

Ready, Steady, Cook…

alors, c’est parti !!! My funding has been validated and I’ll be starting my course in just over 2 weeks time (8th Oct)…..elated, chuffed,….they will pay a total of 24000€, which ain’t bad. Now the planning starts, going to top restaurant “Fontaine Gaillon” tomorrow to check it out with my future teacher from the course […]