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Anaïs et Thomas Hardy, Vincent Thomy, Jean-Luc Rallu et Estelle Passelande​​

La Chapelle-Glain (44)​​

En s’appuyant sur un modèle vertueux de polyculture, la Ferme du Moulin regroupe 5 associés et compte environ 120 ha de terres entièrement cultivées en agriculture biologique et une grande diversité de production : élevage d’agneaux solognots (race en voie de conservation) et de vaches jersiaises, produits laitiers de brebis, porcs en plein air de race Longué bayeux, pain au levain issu du blé de la ferme (variétés anciennes et panifiables) et la culture de myrtilles.
Leur production est vendue en direct, sur les marchés de Nantes et d’Angers, dans les magasins de producteurs et à travers les AMAPS.

Apple “Millefeuille” with Creamy Crab and Chervil

As per usual, let’s start with the photo…. Whilst noting down ideas for my up coming “Dom for One Night Only” tasting menu at “Zoé Bouillon” in the 19th, I hit upon the idea of using wafer-thin apple slices, dried out in the oven (100°C for 1 hour after having left them soaking in a […]

Life back as a Consultant….

2 weeks now into my return to the role of a senior consultant, and so far it’s been difficult and weird. In my first week I prepared a proposition for a potential client, selling my skills as a technical expert and as a project director. During this time I was pretty absorbed by my new […]

Aubergine “Mille Feuille” à l’Arrabiata with Pecorino

OK, now that I’ve got your attention, time to tell you what’s in this fine concoction….quite simply, aubergine, pecorino cheese and my own arrabiata sauce (good quality Italian tinned tomatoes, onion, anchovy, garlic, 1 red chilli….all cooked slowly to get the right consistency and depth of flavour). This is a simple starter, accompanied by a […]

Where to from here ?

My ohh my…..a pretty busy and important month of April…….40th birthday celebrated last week, party last night, final service at restaurant Kong as fish section “chef de partie” last Wednesday, end of the “Create a Restaurant” month long training course a few weeks ago and 2 day trip last week to a city out to […]

Quickstep dancing in the kitchen….finding the rhythm

Nearly at the end of February and approx. 5 weeks since I started my “extra” work at the franco-japanese restaurant in Paris. Well tonight, for the first time, I felt as though I was part of the “machine” and that I had finally started to “feel” the rhythm of the service…..and the really good thing […]

so many things to say, where to start ?

It’s been quite some time since I last wrote, and to be honest I really don’t have the “juice” to tell my story at the moment. But just to bring you all up to date with where I’m at and where I’m going, here’s a quick update. On the work front I’m doing 3 or […]

Chefsdiary “For One Night Only” at l’Echappée, Paris

Just a quick note for those of you who are not already aware of what I have been preparing these last few weeks. I’ve managed to persuade a local organic café (l’Echappée) to let me take over the place for a day and a half preparing for one service during the evening on Saturday 20th […]

Salmon Bass with autumn and 3 cheese raviollis

When cooking fish at home, I believe that one shouldn’t decide what dish to cook before going to see what fish is available at the local fishmonger. On Thursday I went to visit the famous fishmonger, Jacky Lorenzo, at Bastille market. Whilst chatting to him he advised me to buy some Salmon Bass / better […]

I’ve resigned at “Au Petit Marguery”….what next ?

Last Thursday, at the end of my evening service, I left my position of demi-chef de partie at “Au Petit Marguery”. I was finally enjoyng my job, I was a lot more confident and was, overall, a hell of a lot better than when I started. So why stop then ? Well, I guess not […]

a more positive note to start my week at “Au Petit Marguery”

I finished last week (Thursday evening) on a bit of a downer with a poor service. 2 days break, a sunny trip to Lille (to look after my wife’s mum who has broken her ankle) and a calm Sunday service have all lead to me feeling much more positive about myself in the kitchen and […]